The night before India and all through the flat…

Following My Dreams

Well today was my last day in the office and It finally became real, the true gravity of my journey over the last 18 months. Blood, sweat, tears and sheer determination. A sudden reflection on just how single-minded I have had to be to make the changes I have over this period of time, now it’s the moment to let go and enjoy it all.

My packing is not done, with the variables of Delhi’s heat and Dharamshala’s proximity to the Himalayas boding possible cold nights, I am finding strange things to do instead of pack, like cleaning the fridge, sorting through the last 12 months of paperwork and doing bits of DIY…badly.

I’m hoping my new obsession with social media can be easily fed by wi-fi connections, that I can find fresh food adhering to my veggie diet, that I will survive without my cliché retro 80’s filo-fax and that I will meet some real cool people.

My concerns are, will my projects at work that I have worked so hard over be in tact when I get back, will I win the award for my work on The Water Programme while I’m gone, will this trip be all I dreamed it would be, will my Mum be ok while I am away and will the military arrangements I’ve made fall into place for each segment of the trip.

Now I have come to really love my life, I think I might actually miss it when I’m away.

So I close the chapter of learning forgiveness of the self and to love me and who I am. And now onto phase two which is to obtain stillness of the body, quieting of the mind, and then in this more tranquil place open my heart and really learn true forgiveness. Namaste.


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