Teaching a morning class in India

The style of yoga I have specialised in is Traditional Holistic Yoga with Mindfulness. What exactly is this I hear you ask. Well it it stems from traditional Hatha yoga techniques tailored to your body and mind. In addition to this we focus on alignment, breath work, hands-on assists, the use of props and Mindfulness meditation. Ultimately the benefit is not only physical improvement exteriorly but also interiorly. 

I also teach Yoga for the Mind based on mindful principles while using yoga to create space and regulate mood. This is helpful to those suffering mild depression or anxiety but also for anyone who wants to find improve emotional balance, improve focus and deal with life’s challenges in a more considered way and improve well being. Mental health should be as nourished as physical health as the two are interdependent. These are 2 hour sessions. 

1:1 sessions – I work with you on a tailor made 1 to 1 session/s created to address your specific concerns (anything from tight hamstrings, anxiety, digestion issues to name only a few) in the comfort of your own home.

Interactive 1:1 session via video call – if your distance is an issue I can create a class and work with you over video conference like Facetime or Skype or Cisco Webex Meeting.

Corporate sessions – Do you want to provide your employees with a Mindful Yoga session before or afterwork? The well documented benefits of Mindfulness and Yoga is not only improved accuracy and productivity but also increased personal happiness making them more satisfied employees.

Yoga is not just for the bendy fitness crew, in fact those who struggle with flexibility are those who often benefit the most from Yoga participation.

  • Improve flexibility/posture
  • Compliment other sports like running/ boxing/ gym work
  • De-stress/ reduce anxiety
  • Increase energy, promote healing & improve overall well-being

If you would like to know more about experiencing Yoga with me please contact me:

Email: januarie@yogamindandme.co.uk

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