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I wanted to share with you some of the most enlightening, beautiful and mind changing books ever to cross my fair hand, along with some other exciting recommendations. I’ll source them and give a brief synopsis of why they met my wow list so you can see whether it’s relative to your own enquiring mind.

‘Only Love Is Real’ Dr Brian Weiss – recommended by a very close friend 7 years ago, which had a catalyst effect of me deciding to embark on a journey of understanding more… so profound I ended up having an arabic tattoo of this title on my body to remind me of why I thought there was so much  more to understand, why only love real.

‘A Sane New World’ Ruby Wax – I always loved Ruby, I felt her, this book gives the idea of mental health and Neuroplasticity as being a  readable and identifiable go to for beginner.

‘The Naked Ape’ – Desmond Morris – from a zoologist prospective, despite carnivores desire to think man has always been a savannah sweeping, tool brandishing, flesh protein gatherer, we were once forest dwelling scavengers. I love the way he addresses man’s current societal challenges with the basic animal instincts we are trying to juggle with constructed society.

‘The Five Languages of Love’ – Gary Chapman – Explaining the 5 deep seated individual hierarchical  needs necessary for happy relationships. Words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time, physical touch, each priority explained in-depth and prioritised by the human structure so unique to us.

‘Destructive Emotions’ – Daniel Goleman -Arguably the best neuroscientist come phycologist teams up with his Holiness the Dalai  Lama. Not only detailing the real effects of mindfulness meditation on the brain in the laboratory but also neuroscience in general. An enhancement on his book ‘Emotional Intelligence’ if you want to truly quantify, understand the inner workings of the scientific mind combined with the meditative mind this is the one for you. Simply mind blowing.

‘Mindfulness finding peace in a frantic world’ – Mark Williams and Danny Penman – all you need to do it yourself at home the 8 week mindfulness course scientifically proven to improve mental health. 

‘Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goldman – world renound text explaning how key this is in being successful and happy. Great grounding on the brain and neuroscience and the practical explanations of how emotion can be managed and positively cultivated. A staple text for leaders in business. E.I is as important if not more than I.Q. Comprehensive explanation of the workings of the mind for everyone. 

‘The Mindfulful Way through Anxiety’ – Susan Orsillo & Lizabeth Roemer – If you suffer anxiety READ THIS NOW.
‘The Untethered Soul’ – Michael Singer – Probably one of the most beautiful books I’ve read. You are consciousness or awareness, you are not your thoughts or the physical, emotional and mental experiences you think is you. ‘the great mystery begins once you take that seat deep within’.

‘Yoga for emotional balance’ – Bo Forbes- great text, modern explanation for really what really underpins yoga, mental balance and harmony. 

Headspace App’ – Andy Puddicombe – incredible app designed for from the voice of Headspace Andy. Download it to use the 10 free ‘take 10’ sessions. It introduces you to the concepts of Mindfulness. You’ll be hooked after a few sessions.


200hrs RYS Traditional Holistic Yoga Teaching – Yoga Alliance Kailash yoga dharamshala

Yoga for the Mind – The Minded Institute

Mindfulness Diploma – Centre of Excellence and IANLPC and International Alliance of Holistic Therapy 

Yoga for Vitality – Mieke