I’ve been avoiding this segment, it’s so ‘aren’t I fabulous’ or ‘don’t I know so much more than you’. But it’s not, it’s real and any experience adds to the fabric of reality. So when you think your thoughts or feeling’s aren’t reality or have no effect on the mind map of what we call the world you’re wrong. Every thought, feeling, perception or view we conceive in our minds adds to the whole. After all aren’t we all one?


So years ago I thought everything was scientific or was love. It was binary for me. Either I could prove it with a tangible testable philosophy or I could feel it deep down in my gut, and these ideas I could test, either it was empirical or I feel it. I believed in no higher power, no god, no all knowing. Then my friend showed me the answer to the things that troubled me. Past lives and pre-life intention. The idea we choose our lives, our lessons, and the people we will meet and the struggles we will work through. This gave me much comfort, for the first time it was out of my control. But I put this to the side, I wasn’t ready to work on myself, ready for stuff that made me think, think things I couldn’t quantify or even admit I had the power to change, with  my life, my thoughts or even my actions.

So armed with this new realisation, I set out to really seek to understand, who am I, who can I really be and what an earth is happiness.

I found Yoga for the body and Mindfulness for the mind, little did I know that Yoga was the mind, the body & the soul…